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"Who is Vist?" series


My name is Anka B Troitsky

I came to the UK from Kazakhstan in 1993. I was formerly a science teacher and interpreter in Essex.

Books have always played a huge role in my professional and personal development. I feel that some of my favourite authors are my best friends and teachers.


My favourite genres are science fiction and satirical fantasy. They allow you to dream and reason, fantasise and philosophise.

I tell my stories about what fascinates and concerns me and to those who care about those things too. And even if my books tell you about the past or the future, they are about the present, us, and our choices and decisions.


Welcome to my world.

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"Anka Troitsky is an excellent translator and prose writer, with a real gift for telling the truth and doing it so that readers laugh or cry all the time and sometimes feel painfully ashamed of themselves." 

Dmitry Lvovich Bykov
a writer, poet, literary critic and journalist
"Object & Vist is one of the best Sci-Fi books published in a long time, and set to become a classic"
Kevin E Green
Voiceover and narrator artist
"Anka's writing is packed with imagination, and the story themes are important for understanding the struggles humanity faces today. The topics range from the dangers of dogmatic religious faith to how nefarious public figureheads emerge – and how everyday people are complicit in mass tragedies. This is science fiction as social and cultural critique at its best!"
Andrew Hodges
a writer, editor
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