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Vist & Proper Ganda

Book 3 in the series Who Is Vist?

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As you read this book, I hope you will think about what faith, hope and love are from a different perspective. What faith actually means to us? Hope - from the point of view of humanity. And love - as a concept extremely conditional in every way.

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Spoiler Official Trailer of book 3 Vist and Proper GandaAlec Sansone
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After a few long and peaceful centuries, a prosperous colony of earthlings began to forget what violations of the laws of survival could lead to. But evil is incredibly tenacious. It can wake up at the most unexpected moment, and heroes have to stand up again to protect the remnants of civilisation in the distant constellation of Lyra.
In addition to new genetically modified races, a whole group of loaders now live in the colony. A “loader” is artificial intelligence in symbiosis with the human organism. They can still fall in love and clearly distinguish between good and evil. Does this make them human, or is it the ability to create something new?
Some scholars call loaders Homo Deus.
In book 3, a genderqueer loader, Vist, keeps fighting against the evil that finds new ways to manipulate people’s minds.

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